The sweeping stairs of Gangtok never stop to amaze me even if I have been using them all my life. All those winding trails, ups and downs and the tiled and slippery ones of the MG Marg. I tell all my friends and family to be careful while walking on those tiled ones, which seems … Continue reading Stairs.


Summer Snapshots.

Summer morning at my village, North Sikkim.The little house was once my home, and now it's just an abandoned shack. Silent afternoon after the chaos. My siblings were tired and sleeping after throwing a fit. It's hard to be an elder sister. Cloudy and chilly summer afternoon, there were heavy downpours later. Its always raining … Continue reading Summer Snapshots.

The Way to Home.

  “Chai! Chai!” The shrilling voice filled the compartment bringing me back from the trance, then it stopped as the owner of the voice stood infront me. “Bhaishab, chai?” He asked. He gave me his pleading look. I looked at his dark  face, his blue faded collared shirt and his big khaki pants dangling on … Continue reading The Way to Home.