The Nude Face.

As she took off her glasses, she felt naked as if she has been stripped off and exposed. This was her real face, hidden behind her dark framed glasses. If you look closer, you would notice dark shadows forming below her eyes, some people like to call it eyebags or dark circles, but she rather … Continue reading The Nude Face.


The Way to Home.

  “Chai! Chai!” The shrilling voice filled the compartment bringing me back from the trance, then it stopped as the owner of the voice stood infront me. “Bhaishab, chai?” He asked. He gave me his pleading look. I looked at his dark  face, his blue faded collared shirt and his big khaki pants dangling on … Continue reading The Way to Home.

The Life of ‘Other Indian’ in India.

"Hey, Chinky?" "Oii, momos and thukpas!" "Chinese." "Nepali." These are the some of the few names that we are used to, you can hear them when we are either roaming the streets of Delhi, Chandigarh or Bangalore or any parts of India. By looking at all the above words, you might be thinking that why … Continue reading The Life of ‘Other Indian’ in India.