The sweeping stairs of Gangtok never stop to amaze me even if I have been using them all my life.
All those winding trails, ups and downs and the tiled and slippery ones of the MG Marg. I tell all my friends and family to be careful while walking on those tiled ones, which seems to be a decorative piece and part of plan to Switzerland the small town but a very bad idea for the safety of the people whose part of life are spend walking on those steep ladders, especially on monsoons.

Taking our breaths away, those steep and mossy stairs never seem to end, connecting the corners of Gangtok in and around. The hilly town have more stairs than the roads, each steps connecting each place and hearts of people.
Shortcut to school, workplace, office and main town, saving your money for the afternoon snacks.

Avoiding piles of shits which are strewn around the steps I used to take the shortcut way to my tuition at the corner of Arithang. The jhora which gives impression of waterfall during the monsoon and some even flows through the stairs washing all the garbage and dirt making it easier for municipal.

Stairs around the forest colony leading to Vajra are filled with students in black uniform smoking their worries away, as they turn to hide their faces whenever some stranger passes by them.
Stairs around the Development area attracts couples who meet after those school and tution.

Bunking the tuition and making a trip to the Ridge Park with just ₹20, with red cheeks and forehead with sweats we climbed those stairs from the highway to the TNA gate, and finally to the park where we awarded ourselves with aloodum with the ₹20.

The stairs of Tadong, Development Area and Sichey are caged with concrete forest where the ones at Old Secretariat and Forest Colony makes you feel as if you are actually going for a hiking, sometimes as I walked those green and woody trails I overthink that I might get attacked by a bear.

Those steep and imperfect stairs leading almost anywhere in the Gangtok are what comes to everyone’s mind when we think about back home, as that’s the thing which we took almost half of our lives and connected us with everyone and everything.


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