One fateful summer day, when the sky was bluest of the blue, not a single cloud in sight.

The sun shone in its brightest, the heat unbearable.

I saw her, she was beautiful.

She was sitting on a porch, she wore a white summer dress, her beautiful legs rested upon each other. Her brown eyes staring into the distance, lost in her own thoughts. She was waiting for someone, maybe her friend, boyfriend? Or, maybe she was having a time of her own. The possibilities were endless.

As I watched her, I fell for her. The weird feelings which I haven’t felt for a long time was back.

It was love at first sight.

Before I could do anything, my body moved towards her and the next thing I remember is that we were asking each other’s name.

“Helen.” She replied.

“It’s beautiful” , was all I could say. Her name reminded me of a Greek Beauty and how a war was started to win her heart. I wondered whether I have to go through one to win hers.

We talked about the weather, about life and about our own life. I was surprised to know that she was single and was working as a manager in the bank three blocks away.

We exchanged our numbers and promised to grab a coffee next time.

It was the start and it was good, no one would have thought a guy would get this lucky on the first meet, but I was.

We did see each other next day, she was sitting on the same porch. We had coffee together in the cafe near her workplace, we talked and talked, and for the first time in my life I found Espresso sweet.

It became a routine for us. We met everyday, grabbed a coffee at the same cafe and talked for one and half hour then, she would leave promising to meet next day. Those times I had with her, I came to know her more. The girl whom I have noticed from afar was much more than I had expected. I noticed her little things ,the way she tucked back her hair, the way she fidgeted with her silver ring on her left pinky finger and how she would blush whenever I told her she was beautiful.

The summer was coming to an end, and so was our friendship. It was turning into something else. It was taking the next step, we both have fallen into love, and I was not surprised to know that she took a whole summer to realize it.




The dark clouds covered our once blue sky. As it hovered above us, it threatened to pour out our feelings any moment.

Monsoon was already here.

The lightning struck as it lit the black sky to electric blue and there was a roar of thunder, she held on to me. Her frail fingers clutched my sleeve. She was scared. Assuring her with my smile, we made our way to the cafe. Before we could reach our destination, the tiny droplets touched our skin. The small drizzle turned into a huge downpour.

Cliche, huh?

We took shelter in front of a bookshop. I couldn’t help but look at her as she stood by me, her black hair was wet and in tangles, her black dress was drenched, her small lips quivered she wrapped herself with her arms. The weird feelings were back.

She looked beautiful.

“I like you.” I blurted out, I was shocked and mentally slapped myself for being so stupid.

Love can be stupid sometimes, it makes you do unexpected things, and lord help me I was in love with this woman standing next to me. I expected her to walk away but instead she looked at me and laughed.

“I thought you would never say it, I like you too.” She beamed at me. I couldn’t believe my ears, my confession was accepted, I was overfilled with joy. She threw herself in my arms, and the next thing I remember is that her lips were on mine. The lightning struck and the thunder clapped, the rain never stopped neither did we. We ignored the stares and whispers around us, it didn’t matter because we two people in love, and love makes you do stupid things.



It was the season of fall, the world was covered with hue of yellow, orange and red . I missed those rainy days, where we spent our days with love, hugs and morning kisses.

As the leaves fell, I could feel myself falling apart from her, seems like I was failing as her lover, and so was she. Those regrets and misunderstandings tangled up with each other. The distance grew bigger, till I could no longer see her.

I still remember the day, the leaves were falling, and so was I. She was in the same white dress she had wore in our first meet. She smiled at me, though it has lost the gleam of it, it didn’t fail to weaken my knees.

“We need to talk.” She said, I just nodded my head in response. I knew the storm was coming, I will be hit hard and it did.

She said that she could no longer feel the way it had back then.

She said that we were drifting apart.

She said that our relationship was meaningless.

She said I was not taking it seriously.

She said that we have to end this.

Okay”. I replied. I wanted to tell her many things, maybe we can give ourselves a one more chance, maybe we don’t have to end it all or maybe we can forgive and start over, maybe. But I was too late.

She was walking away and I didn’t stop her. She didn’t turn back but kept on walking as she disappeared along with those falling autumn leaves.

I haven’t seen her since then.



Even with four layering of clothes, I could feel the chills on my skin. It was winter and it was snowing outside, the sun hid behind those grey clouds.

It was cold and I missed her. I missed the warm embrace of her and how we snuggled together under her blanket, reminding me of her warm belly, her ice cold feet and her lavender shampoo. Her morning smile and the bitter coffee we shared with our lips,  I missed everything about her.

“There will be a snow blizzard approaching in……” The electricity was cut off. It was dark and cold, my woolen socks were not enough to stop cold cutting my toes.

Howling of winds were heard, maybe the storm was on its way while I waited all alone in a dark and cold room. I wondered whether it would blow me away along with it, the home, snow and me.

A bright light flashed, my eyes hurt. The electricity was back lighting the room and the heater. The coldness and the darkness were gone and there was a warm feeling inside my heart. The storm outside didn’t worry me anymore.

Maybe I could give myself another chance in love and this time I won’t let that person go.

Maybe this time I will be a better person and keep my promises.

Then I realized that spring was just around the corner.




” Hope you all enjoyed it!”




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