The Nude Face.

As she took off her glasses, she felt naked as if she has been stripped off and exposed.

This was her real face, hidden behind her dark framed glasses.

If you look closer, you would notice dark shadows forming below her eyes, some people like to call it eyebags or dark circles, but she rather had a unique name for it, ugliness. She carried it with her wherever she went, it was a part of her and have been always for a long period of time.

The causes??

Ofcourse, it was due to her pure addiction of caffeine and old books. Then, near her small nose you would notice lines formed by constant cheerfulness, but nowadays it’s fading and you would rarely see her deformed teeth hidden behind her thin lips.

Gazing herself at the mirror as her morning ritual for few minutes, she would cover her nudity of her face. Those thick rimmed glasses hid everything so well, that you have to think twice before making it sure that it was the same person you have seen before with glasses.


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