The Boy I Once Knew.

There are two kinds of people in the crowd, the one who stood out and the one who melted with the crowd. He belonged to the later.

He was hard to notice, he had this powerful ability to melt with the crowds and become one.

He was born with the most common features known to mankind; the brown eyes, jet black hair and his short stature body dominated by the huge population of tall boys (which added to the disadvantage of not getting noticed).

But one day, he stood out from the crowd. It was the black guitar case hanging on his right arm. No one knew he played guitar but he did, and rumors flew that he was a guitarist in a local band and did small gigs in local cafes.

The other day, he stood out more. His name was on the notice board, he was the winner of the recent held essay competition.

I won the second prize.

Even there was a talk among the teachers about a boy with the amazing speaking skills, it was the day when he gave a presentation on “The World and the Communication”, where the ‘O’ in the word ‘World’ was a smiling face. He got the perfect score that day.

After few months, I would see him painting on the walls of the college, more than half of works on those adorned walls belonged to him.

As he pours out his creativity, he moves his body to the music playing in the background, he turns back and grins at me

The last time I saw him was a year ago, it was the college festival. All I remember is him playing the tunes of ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams, while his friend sang out the lyrics.

He was the boy I once knew.

He was a musician

a writer

a good speaker

a painter

and a little bit of dancer.

He was an artist, an all-rounder.


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