Memories of March: Story Slam at Chandigarh.

Chandigarh was covered with the color of fall, even though it was the month where people played with the color of spring. We made our way through the golden trail to our destination, The Rumor Mill Cafe at Sec-7.

As we entered the venue, the sweet aroma of coffee hit me. It was my first time in this cafe, the calm and cozy environment of the cafe made me feel more like a home than a regular cafe. The dim light gave a sophisticated touch to the room.

As I seated myself on the comfy couch, I looked around me. On the walls hung framed photograph and quotes related with coffee and books lovers, they were on sale.

The cafe’s theme of the week was Harry Potter, the series were also on sale and the week’s special soft drink was our very own drink savored by our magical friends, Butter-beer. I never thought muggles also knew how to make the magical drink.

Slowly, the people came pouring in from the door, the light of enthusiasm shining in their eyes, most of them were listener like me. I was glad that I was spending my Sunday being the part of the enthusiastic and story-lover crowds.

The event got started as soon as the room was filled, Miss. Deeptha Vivekanand initiated the program with her beautiful story based on an African folklore. She was a professional storyteller who traveled to different parts of the country to share her experiences and her stories.
 As March is known as the month of the story telling, with the topic, “Transformation”. People of different age-group and from different backgrounds presented themselves on the stage and started pouring their experiences and stories on the given topic. 

At last, Mr. Daljeet Hindustani who beautifully presented his story in a poetic way was the winner and was awarded with huge appreciations​ and applauses. 

Finally, I treated myself with a Cappuccino, with its sweet, bitter and frothy taste teasing my mouth and the soft classic music playing in the background, I enjoyed the afternoon.




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