Sessional and Burger.

Trying to live up to my own expectations.

24th March 2017,

I am not a morning person, so I woke up one hour before my college starts. Since, I had sessional at 2 pm but not prepared as always, I managed to get up at 8 am, did my morning business and sat down to study whatever notes I could get hold of. It was one of my most hated subject, Elements of mechanical engineering.

As I sat down to study my mind were somewhere else, it was reminiscing those past mistakes and regretting. I pinched myself and got down to do my real business.

I studied​.

I studied till lunch break and after having indigestible mess food, I was on my way to the class.

Unfortunately, I have put my unnecessary hardwork on wrong chapters. Spinning my pen, I looked outside the window, the day was clear but was hot. Springtime was already here, but instead of cool wind, I could feel sweat forming behind my neck.
Students were busy writing down their answers, there was a constant sound of clicking of pens and flipping of answer sheets. The invigilators’ eyes were working like that of hawks, preying their next victim but failed to notice the boy sitting beside me, who was using his phone for the answers.

After one hour of staring and attempting questions of 8 marks, the time was up and I walked out of the classroom regretting nothing.

Today was the last sessional and I decided to treat myself. We have a dhabha outside our college campus, a small house supported by bricks, straws and some plastics, with a big board on which it is written, “Thapa’s Dhabha” with white paint and poor handwriting.

Don’t judge the books by it’s cover.”

You can say the same about this dhabha, even their structure is poor but the quality of their food is best and what I like the most is their burger. I am not flattering but it’s better than those sold at fancy restaurant.

After having a chicken burger bigger than my mouth, I was stuffed .I walked towards my hostel and luckily, saw my ex-crush smoking near the stationary shop with his friends who was also enjoying the same as him.

Birds of same feather flock together.”

Sighing, I walk away.

Skipped my snacks and dinner as my stomach was already full with that humongous burger, I opened my facebook account and scrolled through the timeline as normal college kids do during their free time.

I saw what my school friends were doing; college trips, get togethers, girls night out, movies, dating and all those things which I was not used to. Sighing, I logged off.

I decided to open my WordPress app, clicked the orange circle and typed on the title, Sessional and Burger.


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