The Basketball Player.

I made this short excerpt while I was roaming around my college campus during my first year. I seated myself below the blue afternoon sky, and my eyes rested on a group of boys playing a basket ball. Though, I never liked the game and nor I know it’s rules and regulations but the way players were giving their best even it was just an afternoon game, I just couldn’t ignore it.

Among them was a boy that caught my attention, then I wrote this small paragraph as I analyzed his movements.

28th August 2016,
6:43 pm.
Cool Sunday afternoon.


He outstretched his arm as his friend passed the ball to him, he took it and jumped on his feet, light as a cat.

His tall and lanky figure dominated the players around him, he was the tallest among his teammates.

He dribbled the ball and jumped to make a basket, he missed again.

The blue jersey and his black shorts, his dark brown hair were now dripping with sweat to his forehead.

It’s just a game, an afternoon game, he reminded himself.

The white sneakers clicked as he made a ran to get the ball from his opponent. Even it was just a normal afternoon game with his friends and seniors, he had to get serious at some point.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with one stroke of his hand, then put his arms on his waist.

Was he tired?

But he wanted to play more, the ball came to his direction.
He jumped on his feet to catch it but a boy with black t shirt took it away from him.

Boy, he is fast! He thought.

He went after the boy with black t shirt, the name didn’t matter but he lived in second floor, maybe.

His brown hair now wet with sweat managed to fly into every direction. His fair skin was now reddened, even it was just a cool afternoon.



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